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Staff & residents can unlock the door from their phone, smartphone, tablet, in-unit monitor (optional), or computer.

You control who has this feature, and every visitor and code use is logged and photographed.

No more running to the building to provide access, no more lockouts, no more keys to copy or replace.

Plus, you can be sure vendors and brokers show up on-time.


GateGuard recognizes tenants and staff and tracks every face entering your building, so you have an accurate and searchable log of who entered and when.

We use our own proprietary, industry-leading face recognition and detection artificial intelligence algorithms you won’t find anywhere else.


Catch folks who have frequent guests with luggage, and those who aren’t entering the building for weeks and months at a time.

You can use the full-color HD logs and photos in court to win back valuable apartments.


Say goodbye to package complaints. GateGuard tracks every single courier and delivery person, so you know when and who showed up to the building, who let them in, and to whom they delivered.

You can also give trusted couriers access to a trackable package room, closet, or locker system to add extra security to your packages. With you can enable the courier to deliver into individual units, too!


Residents and staff can video chat with visitors in full color HD from any smartphone, tablet, or optional in-unit device.


Every entry, buzz, visitor code use, delivery and action with the intercom is logged and photographed in HD color, so you can see exactly what’s going on at your doors, and generate logs you can use in court or for management purposes.


There’s nothing for you to do. Just sync your tenant data, management platform, or upload a tenant list and the system does everything else for you, including generating and sending tenants instructions in English and Spanish (and any language you need).

You do not need to photograph the tenants, or even be at the building, for them to enroll. Everything is done at the device and on our cloud.

Every entry, visitor code, and buzz is handled by our system with no effort required by building management.


The device is vandal proof, waterproof, and impact resistant. It is active in the roughest neighborhoods of NYC and so far with thousands of tenants and guests using it it’s never broken or failed! We’re so sure it’s reliable we insure it at no extra cost!


The system can run entirely wirelessly, with tenants using phones, smartphones, or tablets.

We can provide optional in-unit devices, which can be wireless or wired.


GateGuard is fully impact resistant, water-resistant, and secured with industrial anchors. We’re so confident it’s unbreakable we insure it at no additional cost!


Cut your building’s internet bill and plug your boiler, water, and camera monitoring systems into GateGuard’s built-in wireless router, which is fast enough even to stream video clips from your security cameras!


We’re so confident GateGuard is unbreakable and resilient that we provide insurance at no additional cost. If a device is ever smashed or destroyed, we’ll replace it! (To prevent abuse, such as folks painting over it, etc., there’s a small deductible of $689, but you’ll never need to pay full price to replace a device!).

Unprecedented Insight

GateGuard autonomously tracks everyone who enters, buzzes, or uses a guest code, and generates logs you can view, filter, and print from any mobile, tablet, or computer.

Catch forbidden activity, illegal sublets, dorms, groups, parties, non-primaries, and use the logs in court to evict bad actors.

GateGuard and PropertyPanel


GateGuard is the best solution we've seen for guest and delivery tracking, for unattended and attended buildings. The technology is superior and the team is always there to be helpful.

Chris DeWeaver


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Ari Teman featured on The Real Deal cover


The Real Deal featured and our founder Ari Teman in its Feb 2018 cover story on real estate tech disruptors.

Frequent Questions

These will ship about 90 days from your order (or less, we hope!). We test every device, check it with our cloud, put it through different temperatures, and ship them out.

You can (it's really easy & fast!) or we can send someone.

No. We provide a cellular connection. It's free as long as you don't exceed 1 GB/mo!

At (which we also created) with your web browser or most computers, phones, and tablets.

This replaces your intercom completely. Tenants use their phones or tablets to buzz people in. No wires! (We offer a cheap tablet for tenants with no smartphone.)

They can use the Teman TAB 700 Android Tablet which has our app & GSM SIM card.

The prices on our site are the only prices & terms we offer.

Our monthly plans include insurance!

We'll repair or replace it. If it's more than 3 years old the insurance deductible may apply.

If they do you'll know very quickly and can evict them (or raise their rents)!

Probably. Contact us.

We build everything from the ground-up to work with multifamily & commercial properties, together with the advice of top law firms & designers. We do all our own engineering. You get: Superior techonology, strong redundancy, extreme security, powerful data, and backup across multiple networks, and better service.

This offer is a no-refund, no return, no cancellation sale. We'll do our best to make you happy, though!

Why does a dog need a beard? What is it hiding?


Note: due to COVID-19 and government restrictions, installation may be delayed up to 120 days.
$849 In NYC, $1429 in Miami,and LA
$3,499 for 1+ devices
$2,499 for 3+ devices
$1,999 for 10+ devices
$1,499 for 20+ devices
$999 for 50+ devices
Monthly plan:
Based on length of contract:


Monthly rate, per device

Invoiced at installation

3 Years



4 Years



5 Years



6 Years



10 Years



30 Years



Notes: See the Service Agreement for itemized pricing.

Monthly plans are paid yearly.
First 2 years upfront
Security deposit:
CAT5 to Basement/Utility Room:
$849 for up to 5 hours
Included FREE ($849 deductible)
1GB Data included:
$17/GB additional
Per Resident/User import / setup fee
30 Days of records included
Add 1 year +$99/mo
Condo/Coop Service Fees
Due to the nature of the condominium/cooperative buying process involving much longer sales cycles, board meetings, etc. for much lower-volume sales we are unable to extend our free offer. There will be a $1,900 Condo/Coop Service Fee added to condo/coop orders and a $79.99/mo additional Condo/Coop Support Service fee.
Insurance (Free!):
Included in all plans. $849 deductible
If someone breaks your device (which is really tough to do!) we'll replace it.
Shipping and tax may apply. Security deposit required for all devices.
360 months contract. 24 months paid upfront before install. No refunds or cancellations (Termination fees apply).
100+ units or use of fobs adds $99/mo service charge.
Fobs/Cards: $3.49/card + $0.55/mo/activated card for support.
We do not provide locks, electric strikes, doors, locksmith service, and the like included in the GateGuard device pricing and these will incur additional fees if we install, repair, or replace them, per the Service Agreement .

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Teman is a mission-driven, engineer-led firm headquartered in New York City, with team across the USA, Tel Aviv, and Eastern Europe. We create proprietary, world-best technology that helps over 100 of the world's top landlords and management companies be proactive instead of reactive -- alerting them to issues before they become problems.

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